Palterton Primary School

Values and Ethos Statement

Respect      Innovation     Challenge     Happiness

Every member of our school community is encouraged to promote and live by our four values of Respect, Innovation, Challenge and Happiness. Through our values, each of us in school considers how our actions enable us to achieve our potential and set ourselves future goals to aspire towards.


Through understanding our school's values, every child in the school is supported to develop personally, socially and academically. The children recognise the importance of their interaction with other children to their own success and that of their peers. They are encouraged to think carefully about how the values will help them to make positive decisions both now and in their future life.


Staff and Governors recognise the importance of promoting our Values, and work really hard to model these values when working with children and adults alike. Each interaction with children in our school is an opportunity to provide them with support and guidance that will give those children the best possible chance of being successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.


Respect touches on many aspects of the lives of children and adults in our school.

 When children complete learning, they complete it better when they have respect for themselves because they only accept the very best that they can do. This means they strive hard to achieve well.

 When children work together, which they regularly do in our school, they work better when they respect those that they are working alongside. They are supportive of the needs of others, and strive to promote a fabulous attitude to learning.

 When children in our school play together they play better through showing respect. They understand that everyone is different, have different points of view and have different skills, abilities and talents. Therefore they are tolerant of difference, and embrace the opportunity to share in a wide range of experiences.


We actively encourage all members of our school community to be innovative in their work, and to find 'out of the box' solutions. Through developing a willingness to try new things children are given the opportunity to broaden their understanding of the world around them and to realise that the number of ways of solving problems are only limited by imagination.

 This willingness to try different things, consider new approaches and listen to alternative opinions is fundamental to being successful in whatever field of work the children eventually move into.

 As adults, we have a willingness to be innovative in our practice. This means that by understanding our children, our community and the world of education we are inspired to teach in a way that is exciting and engaging.


Every challenge gives us the opportunity to grow - personally, socially and academically.

 When children embrace challenge in learning they are motivated by the feedback and advice provided by their teachers and peers. They make good use of this advice to find ways to improve their work even further.

 When children embrace challenge in physical activity they understand that through rehearsal of fundamental skills they can improve their performance.

 When children embrace challenge in competition they understand that how their performance compares to others. They understand that they can improve their performance through seeking advice and coaching, and through practicing hard.

 By embracing challenge our children recognise that they can improve. This essential value supports our children to be highly successful in the future.


We all work well when we feel positive about the world around us. Every member of our school community works hard to ensure that they are doing everything that they can to enable each of us to feel happiness.

 If children are happy in their learning they are able to use the 'thinking' part of the brain, meaning that they can make connections between the learning they have already experienced and the new learning they are experiencing.

 If children are happy in their play, they are able to engage with their peers in positive social situations. The development of good social interaction is essential to our children's long term chances of success.

British Values

Our school's values are a way of life, and upholding our values is a way to ensure that we live by rules and We recognise the fundamental British values of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance. We ensure that our children understand these British values, and how they uphold them through being a successful member of the Palterton Primary School community.

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