Palterton Primary School

Keeping in Touch

We like to keep in touch with our families and make sure families can get in touch with us when they need to. We aim to be as paperless as possible, we use phone, text messages, share letters by emailing and via the School Jotter app. Our forms are now completed electronically too. Families can get in touch with school by face to face, phone, email or our most popular method is Class Dojo.

Class Dojo

We use Class Dojo as a way to communicate with families.  We share information through the whole 'School Story' as well as weekly news via each 'Class Story'. Staff and parents can message each other securely. Each child has an individual account which is shared with their family and their teacher where they can post home learning and share activities and events done outside school. The children can design their own avatar and collect Dojo points which become 'Paltons' for their bank account in school (linked to our behaviour policy).

X Highlights

We share learning, events and achievements as well as celebrate successes in school and out of school on our X account. 

Our account is limited to the families of our school community and organisations we work closely with (such as Bolsover School Sport Partnership and Chesterfield Football Community Trust)  which makes it more secure for sharing photos.

Parents can choose whether they wish their child/ren to be featured on X.

Here are some highlights, so you can have a flavour of our posts.

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