Palterton Primary School

Our School History

Palterton Primary School first opened as Palterton Council School on 21st February 1910 with 99 pupils and their first Headteacher Mrs Rogers.

From this point the school has been an important part of the community.


If you are interested in a fuller history of the school or the area, an ex-pupil has documented a fascinating and thorough archive of it.

Click here to access Jack Richards's website.


Centenary Celebrations 2010

The school celebrated being 100 in style - Edwardian style! The staff dressed in their Edwardian dress, the boys wore their caps and the girls wore their bonnets. The school railings were decked with bunting and balloons but the children weren't having a party - they had a day of good old fashioned education - reciting times tables, reading aloud, learning prayers and washing clothes. Definitely no computers!


It was a great day and will be remembered for the next 100 years.

Back Lane, Chesterfield, Derbyshire S44 6UN