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Monday 17th -Friday 21st October



This week we have completed cross country and the football finals. In cross country we have Konor T, Henry S, Jacob F, Charlie M, Shane E and Barney C on the boys team and on the girls team we have Esmae I, Lucy S, Isla B, Sienna Wi, Isabel W and Sienna Wo and in the football finals we have Jacob F, James Sz, Oliver H, Barney C, Shane E, Lucy S, Henry S,

Olivia M, Charlie M, Lekai G and Noah G.


This week…

 Wembley have earnt 4100

Riverbank have earnt 4000

Copperbox have earnt 3800 and

Hydepark have earnt 3550




This week Esmae I, Lekai G, Aylssa Q, Edward H, Eddie M, Heath, Jessica S, Dylan B, Sienna F, Harley S, Elsie and Luna.



This term we have completed the first part of the football event and the finals we have also completed the cross country we got 3rd in the boys team and 3rd in the girls team (Final here we come!) We got 2nd in the football finals for small schools in the district.


By Lucy Tipper (Year6)


Our sports tournaments 

One of our award winning tournaments is swimming. The first one we took part in we came 1st place! The tournament was placed at Clowne, The Arc. The swimmers for our school were: Millie M (Me), Esmae I, Isla B, Darcie B, Jacob F, Oliver , Noah G and Henry S. We all swam VERY well- if you didn't know Esmae I is one of the FASTEST swimmers in Derbyshire! The captain of the squad was Millie M. 

The second one we participated in was at Ryknald swimming club- it was a friendly swimming race so there weren't 3rd 2nd and 1st place but we got a medal each and a certificate we all did really well and Miss Holland even did a teachers' race! The swimmers were: Millie M, Esmae I, Isla B, Paige , Oliver H, James Sp, Ethan B and Darcie B and the captain was Isla B. What super swimmers we were!

The girls' football tournament went incredibly well the footballers were: Millie M : Abigail B: Darcie B: Aurora A: Paige D : Sophie F: Isabel W and Sienna W we all played really well and we came 5th place. The captain was Paige D.

The rugby tournament went amazingly well.  The rugby players were: Millie M, Paige D, Charlie R, Jacob, Dacey H, Ted GG, Aurora A, Henry S, Henry M and Shane E the tournament was brilliant. The captain was Charlie R we came 4th place.

The handball tournament was fantastic. Our handballers were: Kayla H, Kieran T, Shane E, Sienna W, Abigail B and Charlie M They all played amazing! The captain was Kieran T-he made a brilliant captain.



Whitehall - 2022

Every year our year 2s - 6s visit Whitehall Buxton, Whitehall Buxton is an over night activity centre where our students learn valuable skills and face fears or worries. This year our school was treated with a new game and dorms, people never new existed. The activities the school faced ranged from biking to abseiling and even caving with night activities like: The Night Hike, Woods Have Eyes (pie tin hunting), Movie Night and Secret Agents. Sadly, trees surrounding the area ,which were there previous years, had to be chopped down due to rotting so the commonly known as 'Y6 activity' had to be cancelled this year since it was attached to trees. We all really enjoyed it and can't wait to go again hopefully with other years.      Over and out....Sophie, Year 6



This year's tournaments at Palterton Primary School! 2021-2022

 We had the boys' football at Tibshelf Secondary School, they came 5th out of 6 schools -the boys who were in this team were Charlie R, Ted G, Barney , James Sz, Henry S, Oliver H, Shane E and the captain of the team was Jacob F. 

We also had a girls cricket team at Clowne town cricket club, they came 3rd out of 6 schools the girls who participated in this team were Sophie F, Esin K, Abigail B, Darcie B, Sienna Wi, Dacey H and the captain of the team was Paige D.

We had the mixed cricket team in  Glapwell  the children in this team were Lucy S, Esmae I, Charlie M, Henry S, James Sz, William B, Kieran T and the captain was Charlie R. they came 1st out of 2 others and they reached the final! The final was also in Glapwell- they came 5th out of 6 schools. WOW!

We also had Quad Kids at Shirebrook Academy we came 3rd out of 6 schools the children in this team were Jacob F, Barney C, Lucy S, Paige D and the captain was Dacey H. All brilliant athletes!

We took a team of basket ballers to Clowne, we came 5th out of 6 teams and the children in this team were Jacob F ,Charlie R, Niamh G, Shane E ,Henry S, Paige D and the captain was Dacey H.

We also participated in the Triathlon at Pleasley and we came 2nd out of 5 teams. The children in this team were Dacey H, Henry S, Paige D, Jensen W, Jacob F. 

So much sport and energy!

By Dacey H-Year 6 







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