Palterton Primary School

Hardwick Class Curriculum

Hardwick class - years 5 and 6 - learn through topics. Each half term, every 6 - 8 weeks, the theme changes and over the 2 years the children cover all the upper key stage 2 curriculum. Where possible the learning from every subject is linked to the theme, where a link is not possible that subject is taught discretely for that term. Click on a topic for more information.

Cycle 1 Autumn Term 1 Cycle 1 Spring Term 1 Cycle 1 Summer Term 1

Barbarian's Rule !

Viva La France

All the World's a Stage

Cycle 1 Autumn Term 2 Cycle 1 Spring Term 2 Cycle 1 Summer Term 2


Age of Coal & Steam

Great Artists, Architects & Designers

Cycle 2 Autumn Term 1 Cycle 2 Spring Term 1 Cycle 2 Summer Term 1



Extreme Earth

Extreme Earth Geography Topic - UKS2 | Teaching Resources


Cycle 2 Autumn Term 2 Cycle 2 Spring Term 2 Cycle 2 Summer Term 2

Palterton Bake Off


Legends & Heroes

We are Hardwick!

Design Technology   (Winter Wonderland pop-up scenes)

Design Technology (Fruit Crumble Creations)


ICT-Coding at The Bolsover School with Mr Ward

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