Palterton Primary School

Equality Statement

We welcome our duties under the Equality Act 2010 and the Equality Act 2010 (Specific Duties) Regulations 2011 to eliminate discrimination.  As a school we celebrate differences and support each other so that everyone can reach their full potential.

As a school we DO NOT tolerate any form of discrimination against any member of our school community by treating them less favourably because of their:

  • sex
  • age
  • race
  • disability
  • religion or belief
  • sexual orientation
  • gender reassignment
  • pregnancy or maternity
  • marriage or civil partnership


These are known as the protected characteristics and we actively promote these through our policies, practice and curriculum.  


In school we are guided by five principles:

Principle 1: All learners are of equal value.

We see all learners and potential learners, and their parents and carers, as of equal value.

Principle 2: We recognise and respect difference.

Treating people equally (Principle 1 above) does not necessarily involve treating them all the same. Our policies, procedures and activities must not discriminate but must nevertheless take account of differences of life-experience, outlook and background, and in the kinds of barrier and disadvantage which people may face, in relation to any of the protected characteristics. 

Principle 3: We foster positive attitudes and relationships, and a shared sense of cohesion and belonging.

We intend that our policies, procedures, curriculum and activities should promote:

  • positive attitudes, interaction and mutual respect towards and between all groups of people. 
  • positive interaction between all groups of people. 
  • mutual respect and good relations between all groups of people.

Principle 4: We observe good equalities practice in staff recruitment, retention and development.

We ensure that policies and procedures should benefit all employees and potential employees, for example in recruitment and promotion, and in continuing professional development. 

Principle 5: We aim to remove inequality and discrimination and reduce barriers that already exist.

In addition to avoiding or minimising possible negative impacts of our policies, we take opportunities to maximise positive impacts by reducing and removing inequalities and barriers that may already exist.  We do not tolerate any form of discrimination and actively tackle any forms of it.  Where children share behaviours or views that are discriminatory, these are tackled and children are educated.  Notes of incidents are kept and parents are informed as appropriate. 

Revisited and reviewed annually

Our Current Equality Objectives are:

  1. To ensure that disadvantaged children are performing as well as other children within school.
  2. To close the gap between boys and girls across the school.
  3. To raise children's awareness of people with disabilities and the impact this can have on their lives.
  4. To ensure that our curriculum includes opportunities for our pupils to encounter people with a range of protected characteristics.


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