Palterton Primary School

Sporting Awards


We are proud that we have been acknowledged for the work we do in the fields of Physical Education, sport and promoting physical activity. 

Our oldest children are all involved in leadership roles in school including leading activities for the other children at break-times as well as organising event days like a 'Winter Olympics'. The children develop great communication skills, self confidence and self belief through their 'jobs' as well as promoting being active to others.

Our greatest achievement has to be the Assocation for Physical Education Quality Mark which we were awarded with distinction for the second time. The children and staff worked really hard to develop a great curriculum, young leadership and strong, excellent quality learning.

Intra- school competition

We run an intra- school competition involving the whole school divided into 4 house teams which are named after 4 Olympic venues:





Each week the teams are awarded points which are recorded on a themed display board. Any events organised by the leaders or school competitions award points too. 

The teams have ownership of a joint goal which unites children across the age range. They can experience winning and celebrate the achievement as well as losing which is a valuable life lesson in dealing with disappointment.


District Swimming Champions


Football Superstars

We have always believed very firmly in developing learning through participation in sport. The London Olympics in 2012 further inspired us, and as part of our Olympic Legacy we continue to promote active involvement in sport, and an understanding of the School Games values to drive lifelong learning. 

Pride of Palterton

We adopted 'Pride' the lion mascot after the London Olympic Games as our mascot for the house team that earns the most points in a week.


Each week Pride wears the colours of the house that has gained most points. We display the amount of points each house has.

Multisport Activities


Glapwell County Cricket Schools Finalists

Cross Country Finalist-Winner!

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