Palterton Primary School

Throughout school we promote opportunities to develop the children's 'skills for life', this ranges from cooking to taking responsibility for the class pet. Much of what we do has PE as the core, which not only gives us chance to promote healthy lifestyles but also for children to  lead or take part in sporting activities and through competitive situations to learn to lose.


We also encourage the children to be collaborative,  so from the smallest of gestures like tying up someone's shoe lace we promote and praise working together. It's incredible to see children climbing whilst trusting their friend to belay the rope and heart warming to see a Year 6 pupil teaching a Reception child to skip.

The school  consists of 4 classes which are named after 4 Derbyshire halls - Renishaw, Ilam, Chatsworth and Hardwick - the initial letters of which match our key message that our learning is RICH. The classrooms are designed to 'immerse' the children in their learning by being themed to match the topic. Displays are high quality and stimulate the children's thinking as they are surrounded by their learning.

Back Lane, Chesterfield, Derbyshire S44 6UN