Welcome to Renishaw Class


Class Teacher - Mrs E Dyson

H.L.T.A-Mrs J Cowley

S.E.N T.A-Miss S Coupè


Autumn Term 2- our focus this term is all about 'Space'. We will be finding out about Space, what it is, where it is, what it means and what we already know about it. We will use Space as our focus and include in as many areas of learning as we can. 

Towards the end of Autumn Term we will be starting to practise for our Christmas Nativity and finding out more about Christmas and how this is celebrated and what this means to Christians. 

Autumn Term 1- Welcome to all our new starters this September. Our topic this term is Zootropolis and we will be using this to find out more about the world of work. We will be focusing on making new friends, settling into new routines and learning about our school, the place around us and jobs. We use both the inside classroom and the outside to further develop our learning. 

                                                Healthy Me!  

                                              Harvest Fun! 

For Harvest this year we asked each family to bring in either one piece of fruit or one vegetable. The whole school then worked together to produce a meal for everybody. We invited all families into school to taste our delicious meals. 

Renishaw Class made pumpkin soup, we toasted pumpkin seeds, bread and a fruit salad. It was delicious! 

                                           Making Dough!  

                                                               We had lots of fun making salt dough to make our diva lamps to celebrate Diwali.