Chatsworth Class


Chatsworth Class have been making bottle rockets...

You need:

An empty plastic bottle

A launch pad (a piece of wood with a screw in)

A cork

2 cups of vinegar

2 cups of water

paper towel

Bicarbonate of soda

Mix the vinegar and water and pour it into your bottle.  Prepare a cigar shaped parcel of bicarbonate of soda in the paper towel.  Find a large area, such as a field. Prepare your cork by screwing it in the launch pad. Put the parcel of bicarbonate of soda into the bottle. Quickly put in the cork. Turn the bottle and launchpad over and stand clear!

The Science bit...

The vinegar and bicarbonate of soda react and carbon dioxide is produced. The gas is less dense so pushes out of the weakest point, where the cork is. The gas pushing out of the bottle creates a force. The force creates an equal and opposite movement, therefore the rocket shoots into the air. This is Newtons third law.